7 Golf Backswing Tips To Apply Today0

If you’re looking to improve your golf backswing you’ve come to the right place.

There is absolutely no reason why your takeaway phase of the swing has to be complicated or difficult. We’ve decided to put together some backswing tips that cover the most important aspects and
can be put into action the next time you hit the range.

1.Of the many golf backswing tips you will hear or read bout, this one is of utmost importance. To make a successful shot, you have to play the ball correctly in your stance. Every shot you
make has a proper ball position, and the sooner you learn this the sooner your game will improve.

2.When you take your stance, make sure your hands are gripping the club properly. The common theme for most players is to use a neutral grip, one that’s neither too weak nor too strong. Do not choke the club too tightly-strive for a firm grip. I know it’s easier said than done, but you have to find a balance, since the grip is extremely important. Think of it has when you give a handshake, firm, but not too strong.

3.Another important golf backswing tip is to put a little flex in your knees. This allows your hips, which are the power behind every shot, to turn fully. The key here as in the grip is to remain sturdy but flexible.

4.Many rookies and veterans alike still fail to keep their arms straight as they bring the club back. This promotes a constant distance between the club head and your hands. If you start to bend your arms too early, the distance will shorten and will need to be corrected before impact. You avoid this by simply keeping your arms straight during the first part of the takeaway.

5.Assuming you’re a right handed golfer, when the club and your hands are about waist high, your right arm must bend at the elbow. As you start your takeaway motion, try not to allow your hands to rotate. This will give you the wide arc you need as you bring the club back.As your hands get to waist level, you should also turn your upper body and shoulders. Continue this motion until the club is at the top of your backswing. This coiling action generates the energy needed at impact. Many players have trouble mastering the skill of turning the hips until the top is reached. If you have that same problem you should try some flexibility exercises for your hips, legs, and shoulders.

6.Another effective golf backswing tip is to know where your “top” is. Every player has a different point they consider their “top”. Some players are able to bring the club well past parallel at the top, while others cannot make it all the way up. The important thing is that you get to your maximum height, since that will increase the club head speed and generate the power that you want.

7.The last tip involves the transition that leads into the downswing. Avoid jerking the club; maintain smooth movements and initiate the downward swing with your hips,not your hands.

If you find that you are missing a lot of shots, keep these golf backswing tips in mind. Often, a missed shot can be caused by something that went wrong in the first part of the swing. If possible, have an experienced golfer watch you as you do a few slow motion swings. This is the fastest and most effective way to pinpoint solve this type of problem