7 Golf Tips for Beginners0

7 Golf Tips for Beginners

The internet is full of information regarding golf. While most of the information out there includes tips that can be beneficial to your game, here are 7 of the lesser-known golf tips for beginners to take into account.

1. Picking the Right Clubs

A carpenter needs the right tools, and if you want to start playing golf the right way, you have to have the right clubs. Children and juniors need clubs that are sized properly for their height. While many young players try to learn with their parents’ clubs, this is not the ideal way for young players to improve their golf skills. Quite the opposite, sometimes they develop bad swing habits.

2. Learn Proper Golf Etiquette

Another overlooked golf tip for beginners is to learn and observe the basic rules and etiquette on the course. For example, many new players do not know how to enter and leave a sand trap. They may not know why the rake is sitting there, or that if they ground their club they are violating a rule. This is where more experienced golfers can help. If you’re playing with an experienced player, don’t be afraid to ask him to tell you ahead of time whether or not you’re doing the wrong thing on the course.

3. Take A Gold Lesson

While some sports can be easily picked up by ones self or through observation, the nuances of golf don’t allow for that. Many new players will struggle trying to teach themselves the fundamentals of the swing. This can be an extremely long and frustrating process. One of the best golf tips for beginners is to take a lesson or two from someone who knows the mechanics of a good swing. The course pro can help the player get set up properly, explain the swing process, and critique the swing on the spot.

4. Proper Takeaway

Of particular importance to new players is the takeaway. Many new players will whip the club back with their hands. The proper takeaway for any golf shot is crucial to the rest of the swing. New players should understand that they do not have to bring the club back fast to make a good shot.

5. Learn to Rotate

Body rotation is another problem area for many new players. The proper way to bring the club back is to allow the shoulders to turn while maintaining a square club face, followed by the hips. At the top of the backswing, the hips begin the process of the downswing, not the hands.

6. Having Follow Through

Another of the lesser-mentioned golf tips for beginners involves the importance of proper follow through. Some shots require a full follow-through, and others do not. Learning which type is best for each shot should be a top consideration for anyone learning this game.

7. Don’t Stop Short

While it may work for Seinfeld, it doesn’t work in gold. A fairly common novice mistake is to try to stop short on the follow-through. This awkward motion can affect the overall performance of the shot. Most players do this because they want to lift their head to watch the ball. Avoid that urge and continue your follow-through until it is complete.


Above all, the most important golf tips for beginners is to practice. This is a game that demands hands-on training, not just with the driver but will all of the clubs, including the putter. You will never master the golf swing unless you invest the time and energy to learn each club and understand how it reacts to your swing.