How to Fix a Hook0

How to Fix a Hook

Learning to fix a hook golf shot is not as complicated as you might think. The trick to overcoming this wacky shot is to first determine the cause. There are several reasons
a ball may travel wildly to the left. Here are some tips for those who want to learn how to fix a hook once and for all.

1. This particular shot is caused by the ball spinning in a counter-clockwise direction as it takes flight. The faster the ball is spinning, the more severe the left curve will be.

This counter-clockwise spin is created when the ball is hit with a closed club face. For right-handed golfers, a closed face points to the left; for left-handed golfers, the face points to the right. The ideal position for the club face is square and neutral, pointing neither to the left nor to the right at impact.

2. Most experts agree that for those who want to know how to fix a hook, the best place to start is the grip. Here is an easy way to check your golf grip.

Take your driver and set up as you normally would. Now, look down at your hands. If you are right-handed, you should see at least two knuckles on your left hand. This is considered a neutral grip-not too weak and not too strong. If you see three or more knuckles, you are not
gripping the club properly.

Now, here is the tricky part. Let your gaze travel down the shaft of the club and look at the face. Is it square? Chances are it is. But even if you think you are square and lined up, you may not be when you bring the club down toward impact with the ball. As the club moves toward the ball, your hands will assume a neutral grip, which means the club face has no choice but to close at impact.

Anyone who wants to learn how to fix a hook should start with a close inspection and honest assessment of his or her grip on the club. Many golfers will simply refuse to modify their grip or will not spend the necessary time to get used to the new grip, eventually falling back into
their old habits.

3. If your grip is fine, the next step to learning how to fix a hook is to check your balance. Your weight should be on the balls of your feet, not on the heels. This will allow your hips to turn smoothly and stay balanced. Being off-balance at impact is another main reason players see
the ball flying off to the left.

4. Your left arm (for right-handed golfers) must be straight as the club impacts the ball. Ask a friend to watch you hit a few balls and let you know if your arm is bending. Remember, anything that causes the club face to close will result in a hooked golf ball.

One of the above tips will most likely solve your problem. Go through them, one at a time, hitting several practice balls as you go. Make minor adjustments until you are able
to hit the ball straight. This will take some time and effort on your part, but learning how to fix a hook is a process is essentially a process of elimination.

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Free Report Reveals How You Can Become a Better Golfer in Just 30 Days