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7 Golf Backswing Tips To Apply Today0

If you’re looking to improve your golf backswing you’ve come to the right place. There is absolutely no reason why your takeaway phase of the swing has to be complicated or difficult. We’ve decided to put together some backswing tips that cover the most important aspects and can be put into action the next time […]

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7 Golf Tips for Beginners0

7 Golf Tips for Beginners

The internet is full of information regarding golf. While most of the information out there includes tips that can be beneficial to your game, here are 7 of the lesser-known golf tips for beginners to take into account. 1. Picking the Right Clubs A carpenter needs the right tools, and if you want to start […]

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Stop Hitting the Ball Fat0

Stop Hitting the Ball Fat

While hitting the ball fat is not as common a problem in gold as the slice, it definitely can be just as frustrating. Luckily, as with all golf swing mechanics, once you know what you are doing wrong, you can begin working on correcting it. As much as you may try it’s nearly impossible to […]

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3 Essentials To Putting0

3 Essentials To Putting

Developing putting drills that work is one of the fastest ways to lower your score. Many golfers lose a significant number of strokes once they get onto the green. By utilizing putting drills, you can learn to get the ball into the hole in fewer strokes. Any seasoned golfer will tell you that the short […]

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