How to Cure a Slice0

How to Cure a Slice

Lots of golfers have trouble trying to find a way to cure a slice. While hooks and shanks can be frustrating, hitting into a curve ball can really drive people nuts. Lucky for you we’ll try to address that problem and provide a solution that isn’t as hard as you think. Here are some tips that you can use to incorporate into your golf game and cure your slice.

A major reason golfers end the ball into the tree line on the side is because they don’t take the right amount of time to setup properly.

If you want to cure a slice then you need to set up properly first. You have to make sure that your feet and shoulders are lined up properly. Assuming you are a right handed golfer, your left shoulder should be directly under your left shoulder. If your shoulder is closed or open then the ball will not travel straight.

The next thing to look at is your grip. If your grip is too tight this will restrict your swing. Holding it too lose will allow the club head to swing to freely. You have to find that middle point where your grip is strong enough but not too tight.

Make sure you take note of where your hands are on the shaft of the club. Once you take your normal stance and grip your club, you should look down at your hands. If you’re a right handed golfer you should be able to see two knuckles on your left hand. Anything more or less and your grip isn’t positioned properly.

To avoid the slice you need to strike the ball squarely with the club head. Hitting it open will make it veer to the side.

If you still find yourself hitting the ball to the side the problem may be with the turn of your hips. You need your hips to turn fully and smoothly as you move through your downswing, impact, and follow-through.  If your shots end up going right often, you may have a problem with your hip turn. It is important that your hips make a smooth, full turn as you move through your downswing, at impact, and during follow through.  You can’t hit the ball squarely if you fail to do this. Having a smooth nice finish will allow you to put the odds in your favor.

Another reason you might be slicing is that you’re picking up your head too soon. Golfers become preoccupied with seeing where the ball will land, and even if it’s by a fraction of a second, that’s enough to send the ball the wrong way.

Swinging too fast is also another common mistake.  It’s natural for golfers to want to speed their hands while they’re beginning their downswing. This will not help with your power or distance. While club head speed is important this should come from the whole body, and not from your arms or hands.

All of these small factors are important to take into account. Since everyone has their own unique swing you have to take the time to figure out which one of these things you’re doing wrong that’s causing you to slice. Once you pinpoint your major flaw you can work on it more diligently and start to minimize your slices.

Learning to cure as lice will take lots of time and patience. Once you can cure it you will enjoy more of your gold outings and getting better scores in your games.

Free Report Reveals How You Can Become a Better Golfer in Just 30 Days
Free Report Reveals How You Can Become a Better Golfer in Just 30 Days