How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight0

How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight

It’s obvious that in a golfer’s pursuit of excellence, driving the golf ball straight is one of his priorities. The problem is that a golf driver is one of the hardest clubs to master.  Usually, the longer the club is, the more difficult it is to master. However, it’s not impossible as you may already know. Here are some tips to help you on your journey.

The best tee shot is one where you have very little backspin, has a low trajectory and enough power to add some more yard once it lands. If you can assure those three factors than you will definitely knock some strokes off of your score.

Everyone thinks that swinging the ball as hard as possible is the key, but it isn’t. One of the main things you need to know while trying to drive the golf ball straight is how to manage leverage through your swing. To maintain proper leverage you need to keep your head behind the golf ball the entire point, from the beginning of the swing all the way through to impact.

Club head speed will trump arm strength every time when you’re looking for distance. Swinging violently only assures that your golf ball will end up someone farther from your intended destination. Speed and power comes from your hips and legs, not your arms. You need to keep this in mind.

The driver does not forgive an improper swing path. While you’re beginning your backswing, you need to keep your swing plane low.

If you want to keep the golf ball straight you need to have your hands lead the club at impact. This is what people mean when they talk about you having to “let your wrists break”.

Many golfers, experts included, make the mistake of stopping their swing once they hit the ball. You need to follow through on your swing, allowing your arms and body to move all the way through.

Another factor that helps you swing the golf ball straight is your grip. You need to have a grip that’s not too tight. Imagine yourself whipping the golf ball instead of chopping at it.

If you find yourself slicing the ball more than usual, then a good tip is to slow your downswing a bit. If your swing is too hard or fast then you’ll be coming out of your swing path, and this will send the ball elsewhere.  Your grip may also be an issue. If you can’t see two or three knuckles when you look at your grip, then you’re probably going to slice the ball.

The same thing goes for people who tend to hook the ball. Seeing those two or three knuckles when you look down is essential to avoid these common pitfalls.

One last tip for learning how to drive a golf ball straight is taking the time to make sure that you aren’t pulling or pushing the ball. This can happen on the fairway as common as it can happen when hitting off the tee.

How do you know if you’re pushing or pulling? Simple. Just look at the divot that’s left behind. If the divot is pointing to the right or left of your target, then you’re body isn’t properly aligned.

Try applying some of these tips to see if helps you with your gold game. Once you practice with these things in mind you’ll improve your swing and start to hit the golf ball straight with much more consistency.

Free Report Reveals How You Can Become a Better Golfer in Just 30 Days
Free Report Reveals How You Can Become a Better Golfer in Just 30 Days