How to Hit Long Irons0

How to Hit Long Irons

If you want to hit long irons well, you need a lot of time, patience, practice, practice, and some more practice.  Irons 1 through 4 are considered to be some of the hardest clubs to master.  The following are some tips to help you get better at using them.

Main Factors:

There are hundreds of tips when it comes to playing with irons, but there are four main factors that have to be accounted for in each and every shot: Having a good balance, smooth tempo, proper club head acceleration, and careful targeting.  If you exclude any of those factors then you’re chances of success decrease dramatically.

The Key Goal:

When you start learning how to hit irons you want to focus on hitting the ball as crisp and cleanly as possible on your clubs sweet spot. Here are some pointers as to how to do this.

1. Strengthen your stance when you’re about to swing. Slightly bend your knees as this will help keep you steady throughout your swing.

2. You want to keep your movement from your stance to your backswing and back to your downswing totally fluid and smooth. With a smooth swing you can keep your club face aligned properly and this helps you accelerate the club, which is an important factor in determining the distance.

3. As you’re learning to hit long irons you need to remember to unwind from your hips and feet, and not your arms. You can’t let your hands take control of the swing. When you generate the power from your lower body that will help you move the ball down the range.

4. If you’ve ever taken a golf lesson you’ve probably already been told that you need to keep your head down.  While it’s important to do with all clubs, irons are especially unforgiving. There’s not a lot of room for error with long irons, so remember, keep your head down.

Moving your head too much or moving it up can cause the club head to bottom out and this will ruin your shot when you strike the ball.

5. Keep the arm closest to the ball straight. Bending your forward arm while you swing will change the distance between the club head and the ball.

6. A lot of golfers think they have to hit the ground first to scoop the ball off the fairway. When dealing with irons this exactly the opposite of what you should do.

You want to hit the ball first and hit the ground second. For this to happen you need to hit the ball with a descending arc. Trust the club and let it do what it’s meant to do.

7. Always follow through. The club should continue through the same path when you finish.

Hopefully these tips will help you hitting long irons and you’ll start to see it in your score as an end result.

Free Report Reveals How You Can Become a Better Golfer in Just 30 Days
Free Report Reveals How You Can Become a Better Golfer in Just 30 Days